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Our objective is to find the best deals on cars, bikes, boats, yachts, heavy equipment etc in the market whether it is for personal, commercial or luxury. We expand your choices by opening the doors to international markets.

The process of buying a car, especially a used car is never simple. Alpha Worldwide, the best vehicle transport company in the UAE & GCC simplifies this process to a few clicks. Alpha Worldwide helps you find the best deals on your next vehicle or buy your dream car from Dubai or anywhere in the GCC. Having shipped over 6000 cars globally, we understand the importance of quality in every step of the process right from sourcing a car, pre-purchase car inspection, export-import documentation, safe-guarding your money from start to end (ESCROW), buying a car car from Dubai (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar and other GCC countries and is undoubtedly the best car shipping company with the best rates on shipping a car to your doorstep or nearest port.

Being the best car shipping company in therms of quality, service and rates, you may always engage us for any form of car shipping services in Dubai-UAE, GCC, Europe, UK, USA, Africa and Far-East whether you own a modest automobile or a wealthy new luxury car.

Car Inspection - Risk is inevitable but knowing more about it helps you minimize the damage.

Simply shipping a car (any vehicle) or choosing a car shipping company may be easy, but when you want to buy a used car and are unable to get to the location. This is when we provide our pre-purchase vehicle / car inspection service. With an unmatched quality and the reputation of the best car inspection service in Dubai and rest of the GCC, we do a detailed 360degree car check.

Every vehicle inspection is a detailed list of parts and their functionalities that will be thoroughly examined and assessed. The client will receive this checklist and over 100 photos and videos detailing every point our mechanics identify about the car at the conclusion of the examination. Ours is a preset checklist, but you may also request specific points or notes for our car checking inspectors to keep in mind before/during the pre purchase car inspection. This is crucial when purchasing a used car/ vehicle, as you never know what lies beneath the gleaming exterior of the vehicle you are about to purchase.

We check every aspect of the vehicle, the engine, chassis, gear-box / transmission, the body, paint, accident damage, rust, cosmetics, fluids, service history, odometer and so on. The pre-purchase car inspection is a must before purchasing any car if you are not physically at the car. Let’s be clear here,“WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE”.

With a cost of just 125USD Alpha Worldwide gives you detailed information regarding the health of a used vehicle which will help you avoid a bad purchase incurring a major loss. Inspecting a car helps to estimate its real market worth.

For vehicle inspection services in the UAE or anywhere in the GCC, just a few clicks and we will be at your selected place and desired time.

When you are planning on buying a car you will certainly look for multiple options.
Best price on cars for sale, a car with maximum features and one that doesnt break the bank account. These are a few primary points anyone would want to consider before buying a car.
We understand this and that is why we are opening to doors to the global car market at your finger tips.
You can now choose to buy a car from USA, Europe or anywhere in the GCC and we will buy and ship your car, delivering it to your door step.

You've already decided on your car and found a better deal if you import a car from another country using car shipping services?
Sometimes your schedule prevents you from making the trip to buy a car or perhaps it is expensive to fly.
Alpha Worldwide is here to assist you with all aspects of the car import, car export, buying a car, documentation from overseas and reputed as the best car shipping company.
We don't just provide car inspection services but also buy it for you with SecurePay (safeguarding your money), take care of all the paper works for car import and car export and the main task of best prices on car shipping.
Alpha Worldwide wants to save your time and money.

With 6 offices and 27 trusted long term partners who specialise in the vehicle inspections, car import, car export and car shipping services business we almost have a vehicle transport solution to any part of the globe.
With the trust of our clients we have shipped over 6000 vehicles and continue to improve on a daily basis.

Your vehicle is one of your most important possessions, which is why most people take their cars with them when moving, and many take them along on vacations as well. Whether you’re moving across the country or just travelling for a long holiday, there are several options available for moving your vehicle. The first option that comes to mind is probably to drive your car yourself, spending long hours on the road in unfamiliar surroundings and adding extra wear and tear to your vehicle. Read More...

Alternatively, consider hiring a car shipping service, which will help you organise the pick-up and drop off your vehicle for you wherever you need it. There are many important benefits to consider when hiring Alpha Worldwide to help you transport your vehicle. You can save yourself the time and hassle of planning a long-distance road trip and ensure that your car reaches your destination quickly and securely. Below we’ll explore the top ten benefits of hiring professional car shipment services.You can save yourself the time and hassle of planning a long-distance road trip and ensure that your car reaches your destination quickly and securely. Below we’ll explore the top ten benefits of hiring professional car shipment services.


1. Your vehicle's safety
One of the most crucial justifications for using a car shipping service is protecting your vehicle. Making the drive alone puts you and your car in danger, especially if you have to navigate hazardous conditions and uncharted territory. You have one additional reason to select this choice because using a car shipping service is significantly safer for both you and your vehicle.

2. You'll Feel Less Stress
Driving is stressful, let's face it, especially if you will be doing it for hours on end. You will feel less stress by using a car transportation service, allowing you to start your move as smoothly as possible. You can fly to your new location instead of doing that tiresome cross-country trip, arriving rested and prepared to enjoy the day.

3. You can continue working for longer.
Employing a car shipping service will enable you to work longer while moving for your job, resulting in less work absences and a faster start in your new position. You can wait until the very last minute to leave for your new home rather than spending days on the road, then resume work as soon as you get to your destination city.

4. Reduced Insurance Prices
One long-distance excursion could result in an increase in your auto insurance rates as your rates are partially depending on your mileage. Instead of selling your automobile, shipping it can help you keep your low auto insurance rates, bringing down the cost of your relocation altogether.

5. Makes you worry about one less thing
Even in the best of circumstances, moving is difficult, and long distance moves can be particularly stressful. When moving, there are a lot of things to consider, such as how to protect your furniture during transport and whether or not to pack your own boxes or hire a moving company. By entrusting a car shipping company with the care of your car, you relieve yourself of one stressor and free up your mind to enjoy your new home.

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